Mighty Guy 2

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Flash games have very substandard graphics, but you always find yourself wondering why you are still playing that game after five hours. Flash games are very addictive and lately I can’t stop playing Mighty Guy 2. This is a continuation of Mighty Guy 1; if you had the chance to play it.


Mighty Guy 2 begins with a very interesting scene. The player/mighty guy in this case jumps off a cliff from the top of a car, but he is saved by a dolphin which takes him to a waiting Jet Ski. This is where the actual game begins; unlike others this flash game has a number of levels each with a different game mode. In the first level, the player has to navigate through the ocean on the Jet Ski while jumping over some obstacles in the ocean such as sharks and falling volcanic rocks. You only need the arrow keys to play this game. The Jet Ski can be moved forward by the right arrow key, behind/slowing down by the left arrow key and jumping by the up arrow key. Once you manage to navigate safely through the ocean, the mighty guy arrives at an island with a volcanic mountain in the middle. In the second level, the mighty guy attempts to get to the top of the volcanic mountain, while avoiding the falling volcanic rocks. The controls are still the same.

This game is developed by FrivABC.com Portal
You have five lives/attempts in Mighty Guy 2 which are just enough. The graphics are very basic along with a simple layout. All graphics are pencil drawings and the whole game’s layout is included a notebook page which I think is pretty neat plus this game is also very light. No matter how poor your internet connection or PC specs, the game should run pretty well. I love the background sound in this game especially in the ocean scene, it is very realistic. The only thumb down that I would give this game is the fact that the game is too short. I wish there were two more levels at least. Once you master the controls, it would take you no more than 1 hr. to complete the game. In spite of this, mighty guy 2 is challenging, fun and very addictive; I can hardly wait for Mighty Guy 3.

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